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Questions and Answers

Key Questions and Answers on the Invisible World

Why should I believe in the invisible world, in things that I do not see?

No one "should" believe something just because he/she read it somewhere, or because an influential person supports it. True belief in something can only come from an inner perception, from a personal research effort.


In the case of physical reality we can say that Nature, of which we are a part, consists of both a visible aspect and an invisible one. This statement can be reached by direct observation of Reality. All those who observe Creation without preconceived ideas can come to the same conclusion.

  • What is the biggest obstacle to the recognition of the existence of the invisible world?

    Surely the materialistic education - school and social - received.

    For over 300 years a so-called “scientific” theory attempts to indoctrinate the human mind into believing that all levels of nature can be explained as a simple interaction of atoms and molecules; that life itself can be reduced to a few mathematical formulas. This is false.

    While useful to understand certain physical laws of nature, the scientific theory is fundamentally unable to explain life’s more subtle and important aspects, such as the nature of love, the soul or life itself.

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  • What exactly is the invisible world?

    The invisible world is an aspect of nature not immediately perceptible to the "normal" senses of a person like sight, hearing or touch. This vibration is an integral part of nature manifested but it needs, for its perception, senses attuned to the subtle energies composing the vibration.

    As man uses the skin to feel the heat of a flame, his energy structure is potentially equipped to perceive the "information" from the invisible world.

    But, due to the lack of education received in the use of subtle energies, the average person is not able to obtain significant perceptions in this field.

    Only people with so-called "psychic" abilities are able to consciously perceive energies from the subtle world.

    Of course, to be reliable and be regarded as true, the descriptions of situations or entities perceived by different psychics should coincide.

    For example, if a psychic sees some Devas (entities of nature) dressed in a certain way, another sensitive should describe, independently of the first one, the same number, quality and clothing of those entities.

    Because of the ongoing evolution of the human race, many people being born at present show marked extrasensory capabilities (the so-called indigo children).

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  • What are the strongest interferences coming from the invisible world?

    Surely, those caused by souls (almost all paranormal phenomena in which there are moving objects have to do with souls). This because the energy of souls is the closest to the vibration of the material world.

    In this ranking the ETs get close seconds, while the negative spirits are distant third. However, 99% of interferences come from the negative spirits existing in the same mental, human produced atmosphere where man resides.

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  • Will scientists accept the existence of the invisible world?

    There are no scientists nor researchers. There are only human beings with minds shaped by certain beliefs. As for many men of "science", no amount of evidence can change the mind of a person who does not accept that some, important, answers to life can only be found by searching within him/herself.

    As example of past mistakes, not-so-long ago the stubbornness to use only their logic had led "scientists" to conclude that the earth was flat (a round earth was an impossibility, because the oceans would be instantly drained into space).

    Now that other aspects of the mind, such as intuition and subtle perceptions, are being developed in man, scientists have become the last defenders of old ways of thinking based purely on rational, impersonal observation of things and events.

    Time and the frustrations of life will force these minds to adapt to Nature’s realities. For those who already walk the path of awareness, there is no need for any "scientist" to formalize their own trail. 

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  • Is it dangerous to spread out the knowledge of the unseen world?

    In the past it was feared that learning to read and write was dangerous to the stability and well-being of a society.

    Living in willful ignorance of something is much more dangerous than to study and analyze it. Non-knowledge always produces fear and superstition.

    History teaches us: by discovering the New World, the Europeans discovered that the ocean was not filled, after all, with terrible and despicable creatures; to ignore the nature of the "barbarians" who were pressing at the borders of imperial Rome, did not make those people less dreaded.

    In fact, the knowledge of the unseen world is a natural evolution in the human being’s journey. It leads to the acceptance of a manifestation of Creation (made ​​of visible and invisible aspects) much more complete than what is known at present. Even man’s spiritual path would be more naturally addressed.

    For these two reasons - increased physical knowledge, and increased spiritual awareness - both religious and secular authorities should encourage its study.

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  • Are religious establishments favourable to the invisible world?

    For many centuries these establishments have behaved more like all-male clubs (see the Vatican, for instance) than beacons of spirituality. This is surprising, since a female mind is naturally more inclined to grasp the essence of spirituality than a man is. In their quest to control how the human mind should see reality, these exclusive societies insist on looking for answers to the mysteries of existence and spirituality in their books, instead of studying, with humility and reverence, in the rich and continuous flowering territory of manifested Creation.

    In this self-limiting perspective, these groups are aware only of the two extremes of duality: on the one hand, God; on its opposite, Satan, being unable to observe the rest of the rich tapestry.

    To conceal their lack of knowledge in the vast field of the invisible, these groups warn their followers not to explore a world populated - according to these simplistic minds - exclusively by the "evil one" and its subjects.

    To obtain a docile obedience, they have instilled in humanity a deep fear of that world. Unfortunately, this attitude is the most "useful" to the negative forces trying to destabilize us, and the most damaging to human evolution.

    The abdication of their leadership in this field has allowed it to fall in the hands of adventurers, of witches, of sects; people who are, indeed, manipulated by the evil one.

    Even the powers of reaction of its ministers to these invisible forces are restricted, limiting themselves to the recitation of rituals rich in verbiage, but weak with the energies of contrast.

    These uncertainties explain why a number of their minsters, theoretically specialists in the removal of so-called "devils" from individuals, for a poorly understood phenomenon of resonance can be found to accommodate the same entities in their own person.

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  • God judges us after death?

    God does not judge anyone, because God is only Love. The person committing the action is also the one who judges it. Depending on the awareness achieved, he/she will decide what corrective action to take to change his behavior in a later life.

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  • Is there a way to know which religion is closer to the truth?

    That religion that formulates all the explanations starting from the base "God is Love."

    That religion that does not instil fear towards this life or the afterlife.

    That religion that is in agreement with people not belonging to its beliefs.

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  • What is the difference between the invisible world and the afterlife?

    The afterlife is a part of the invisible world.

    For afterlife we mean the dimension where souls reside (also our own dimension, when we leave the physical body), including those vibrations where souls free themselves of their mental convictions.

    It also includes that extreme mental state defined as "Hell", where the mind believes to end up because of some serious sin perpetrated. In reality, Hell is only a state of mind: if this is modified, so disappears Hell.

    When the soul - after a short or long period, depending on its state of evolution - is purified from conditionings and mental opinions, is free to access the state defined as "Heaven" or "Paradise", where the soul prepares itself for the next rebirth.

    Beside souls, the greater part of the invisible world includes all the sentient forms, from nature spirits to archetypes, from angels to man-made spirits, both positive and negative, created by the activities of the human mind.

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  • There are invisible animals?

    There are the archetypes of  animals. For example, the archetype of an ant colony is similar to a very large ant; Sumendatur, the horse of Archangel Michael, exists, as exist - although rarely - dragons, unicorns, dinosaurs and other “fantastic” animals.

    In the invisible world there are also "normal" animals, domesticated or not. Their "souls" exist, appearing as energy shells in animal form. For animals for slaughter, they are especially present in the vicinity of slaughterhouses.

    Regarding the flora, plants exist both present on earth (fruit plants, for example), as well as types unknown to man.


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  • How do I know if I go to Heaven or to Hell?

    Where do we go after death should not concern us.

    The goal of our life should not be to "go to Heaven", but to lead a life rich of experiences that, without hurting anyone, we choose to see as all positive and useful to our spiritual growth.

    Such an attitude would teach us that the essence of creation is Love and although along our evolutionary path we might feel to stumble and fall into "Hell", the Love that permeates the creation would not allow the continuation forever of that experience.

    Even in that case, even along a longer road, we would get to Heaven anyway.

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  • Everyone has a soul, even the materialists, those who do not believe in the afterlife?

    Yes, God gave a soul to all human beings. No matter how powerful a man is able to build his own mind, in the long run he will have to submit to the forces and the imperatives of his soul.


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  • There are multiple, parallel universes? The human mind can have multiple experiences?

    It is possible for the mind to have multiple experiences; also parallel ones. But the soul that benefits from them is always unique. As far as it is concerned, it will always live in a single universe.
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  • Do ETs, extraterrestrials, exist?

    There is a fourth group of invisible beings constituted by so-called ET (extraterrestrial), also called aliens. These are entities, remarkably intelligent but without a soul, that do not belong to God's creation. Without exception, their goal is the "colonization" of human beings, which they see as being mentally inferior. Although they are considered often by humans as "from another universe", in fact they belong to the only, multifrequencial universe existing. It is up to us to understand their real "origin".

    Note. There is often confusion between the positive messages sent by the Cosmic Spirits (entities genuinely interested in helping human) and those from ETs. The confusion stems from the fact that some people receive messages interpreted as coming from "races" with advanced spaceships. If we think about it, we could understand that our true "salvation" comes from a greater spiritual awareness. Surely, real Saviours do not need to travel in any kind of celestial vessel.

    The ETs present themselves with different typologies.

    Some have human forms, while others have rather bizarre appearances, not too different from Hollywood’s fantasies. Their high intelligence makes them want to "experiment" with a kind of being - us - which they consider inferior; as we are intrigued by the behavior of lesser, terrestrial animals.

    By using the help of sentient Cosmic Spirits we can limit the often heavy interferences caused by aliens on some of us. As with any other intrusion, eliminating our fears is the best protection against any kind of disturbance.

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  • Everyone sees the same things in the afterlife?

    Archangel Michael calls the afterlife "eternal life", meaning that it is not a separate "place", unknown to our psyche, but our true home of origin.

    To accept it as such, we must first remove all the various "layers" that prevent its mental recognition.

    This dimension can be seen as a large container, holding the invisible aspect of God's creation and all the beliefs of the mind of man.

    For example, if a person has always believed that the physical body’s death is also the end of a person's awareness, it will take time for his soul to be able to focus on the dimension in which he/she is landed. If there is the belief that, for certain actions done in life, the person deserves to end up in "hell", the nature of the place for a certain period will reflect that belief.

    So the apparent diversity of the afterlife simply reflects the beliefs he/she had in life.

    For this reason, at least the lower, denser layers of the afterlife (which, mind you, is another of Earth’s vibrations) can be seen as a very malleable dimension, precisely because it suits opinions its inhabitants had in life.

    Here, even more than the physical earth, we see how strong the creative power of the human mind is.

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  • Is it possible to communicate with entities of other dimension?

    There are at least two reasons for strongly advising people unfamiliar with the workings of the invisible world from practicing any kind of contact. That includes any communication with souls of the departed.

    The attempt could activate energy channels through which negative spirits (and impostors) might creep in, installing themselves, against our will, in our energy fields.

    The second downside to consider is that, despite the soul may seem pleased by the attention received, in reality our intervention ultimately slows down its departure, anchoring it to Earth for a longer period of time.

    It’s instead commendable to attempt to communicate with Saints or with nature’s archetypes. If  the intentions are clear and guided by a spiritual quest - in an era when the barriers between the physical and the invisible world are quickly falling apart - contacts with these entities can be beneficial to both the individual and to society.

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  • When people have a Near Death Experience (NDE) often say they see a white light. What is this?

    The white light is a global vision of the vibration / place that you are approaching. Often the light takes the form of human beings, friends, relatives or angels approaching to receive the soul. The white light is almost always associated with a strong wave of love coming from these beings.

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  • Some people who are about to die often seem to converse with some invisible presence. What's going on?

    In the moments before death the person’s "vibration" and his/her awareness are changed to such an extent that she can be contacted by souls of friends or relatives still residing in the afterlife or that have already gone to "heaven" (the vibratory condition from which will start their next rebirth).

    Sometimes, depending on the level of development reached, the crossing soul can be contacted by one or more angels or even by Archangels.

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  • The awareness that I have at the moment will be the same as that I will have as a soul?

    When you do not have the body the awareness increases, because you do not have the anchors to the material world caused by the senses, by the denser emotions, by the mental patterns.

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  • If I am aware at the time of death, will I have the same thoughts?

    Yes, if you are not afraid of death, and you have the desire to remain conscious through the process.

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  • After "dead" will I remember what I did and who I was when still in a physical body?

    After the release of the body, slowly or quickly depending on the level of development achieved, the focus will shift from events and memories of the life just ended, to memories and needs of the soul resuming its functions.

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  • What happens to those individuals whose passing occurred in violent or unexpected circumstances?

    What the individual "sees" depends on the level of development reached by the soul.

    If the soul is "young" (but his physical body could have many years) the mental shock that occurs when a quick death arrives might not allow the soul to realize that it no longer has a body.

    The presences of ghosts in castles, battlefields or in places where there have been violent acts indicate that souls find it difficult to part with their mental shell.

    In these cases, to perform simple prayers and ceremonies in the location help the souls to detach themselves from their physical vibration.

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  • What experience has in the afterlife the person who committed suicide?

    There are people whose mind and emotions assume such importance when alive that they think of being able to end their problems by committing suicide (often are the negative spirits controlling a person's mind to press for this final act).

    But there is no permanent escape from our problems. Imagine the surprise when the soul discovers that it has only delayed the opportunity, when alive, to solve the obstacle created (by the Self) for the benefit of its own growth.

    The work for the soul will be to overcome the sense of guilt for having wasted an opportunity, and to return on Earth to repeat the experience in the same "school of life", but with different "fellow travellers".

    On these occasions it is beneficial for friends and relatives to pray for this soul, trying not to feel somewhat guilty for the person’s self-punitive action. At a subtle level, the sense of guilt of those who remain would strengthen the guilt of the departed one.

    Many ghosts are souls still trapped in their emotions and sense of guilt.

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  • What experience can have a person who dies under the influence of drugs or sedatives?

    Here, too, depends on the level of development achieved by the soul.

    The experience of the transition depends on the beliefs and emotional states the person had when alive. The nature and quality of the experience depend also on the type of drugs or medications used and whether or not friends, souls of relatives or angels are present. However, as the person "wakes up" slowly in the afterlife, the why and how of death take on lesser and lesser relevance.

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  • What happens in the afterlife to those people who commit horrible actions and don’t repent?

    The being has the opportunity to repent for actions taken against his fellow man even after death, although to do so before the departure brings greater peace and awareness.

    For those souls who do not repent, or that were responsible for serious and prolonged acts against other human beings (as in depravity and in "black magic"), they will lose awareness and will be reabsorbed by the Universal Energy.

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  • Why many souls are “lost” in the afterlife and need to be helped?

    Because western people, when alive, were wrongly educated by church and society about the afterlife. Imagine if a person has been conditioned to think that the devil will be there, waiting for her/him when she leaves the physical body. Imagine how the individual will perceive the inhabitants of that world at the time of departure, before the preconceptions will begin to fade.

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  • How can we help souls to go towards the light?

    Angelic Powers, spiritual Beings that can interact with souls, can be contacted by any human to help to remove these entities from the earth’s vibration.

    Their approach is that, on earth, any soul without a body is always a factor of disturbance. Their use for whatever reason by humans slows down the soul’s development (groups as the spiritualists make use of  souls for protection or to obtain special information).

    The only exception to this law of evolution is done with Saints, that particular category of souls whose spiritual evolution is such that they don’t “need” to endure further incarnations.

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  • Is it possible to overcome the barrier that separates us from the afterlife and communicate in both directions?

    With the method of Spirit Action you can communicate with the afterlife, but its access is not recommended for those who do not fully understand its physics. This is because any communication attempt, if not done in the proper way and for a useful purpose, can open up channels through which might arrive unwanted presences.
    Communication with the souls is appropriate only if it has the purpose of helping them to proceed on their evolutionary path; that is, to go to "the Light."
    Even when the soul itself expresses the desire to "stick around" (through dreams, for instance) to help friends or relatives, this is not appropriate for two reasons:

    1. It ends up interfering with a person’s freewill,
    2. It lowers the energy level in the territory where it operate.

    In any case, a soul cannot evolve when there is no physical body (and emotions) present.

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  • Are there agreements between souls to be reborn at the same time, with roles already established?

    Sometimes. More than an agreement, the event should be seen, however, as an attraction / resonance that certain souls have towards each other, in order to follow a path of growth together. This can happen for couples or families, for members of the same tribe or for societies or nations.

    But linearity doesn’t belong to Reality. It should be understood that reincarnation doesn’t happen at the full 100% of what we previously were. The “new” us arriving (personality, mental leanings, mission, etc.) is modified by the useful contributions of other souls. So that what returns is about only 50% of our “old” self. 

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  • Is death permanent? We go to a place and remain there forever?

    Everything is energy, and one of the fundamental principles of the universe is that energy must flow. So even death cannot be permanent. But if you die (you leave your temporary “spaceship”) believing that death was the end of everything, the lower mind still attached to your material beliefs may cause the soul to remain mired in the earth condition for a while.
    These are the ghosts.

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  • How do I know that reincarnation exists?

    You cannot know using only the mind.
    The acceptance of rebirth does not come from reading books or hearsay. It is a conclusion which can only be reached personally, through the use of your heart as well as your mind.

    Its incorporation into our belief system helps to explain aspects and apparent "injustices" of life. Without reincarnation these would not have satisfactory answers.

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  • Is incarnation imposed on us?

    Nobody forces us to do anything. How could God, who by definition is pure Love, impose something? The decision of rebirth is always personal; the result of free will. However, that always "chooses" in the direction of  soul’s growth. The decision is of the same nature of childbirth, which "must" happen when the time is ripe for it.

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  • Is there any way to avoid being reborn?

    You no longer need to reincarnate when you don’t resist any longer events or situations that life presents you, seeing them all as useful lessons to increase your awareness. To think, instead, "I do not want to come back on this planet" is a sure way to reincarnate.

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  • In the afterlife, can we influence events, individuals or society?

    Souls can influence the thoughts and emotions of people through dreams. Furthermore, most of the unexplained physical phenomena, such as the production of sounds or the moving objects, are caused by the interaction of souls with material objects.

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  • In the afterlife can we be sad or have physical sensations such as hunger and thirst?

    Only immediately after death, when the automatic mental processes are still vivid in the being. As the real nature of the soul takes over, these beliefs and apparent needs fade away and disappear.

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  • Can prayers help the deceased in some way?

    Absolutely yes. Even doing a sincere ceremony for the soul is extremely useful.

    The living’s prayer towards souls helps them to break away from the earthly vibration, often making them realize that they no longer live in a physical body.

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  • Is there a region of the afterlife where we lose our identity, melting with the Supreme Essence / the Creator / the One?

    You cannot describe with the mind a State that you can fully perceive using only the heart. However, approximately, the vibration where souls reach the end of their evolutionary path is a state of absolute identification with God, the Creator, which makes you feel at the same time the totality of the Whole, while maintaining your own individual awareness.

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  • What role has time and space in reincarnation?

    Neither of them exists the way we think.

    There are no "places" where we go to reincarnate, and there is no "time" or formulas to do it. The only statement we can make with certainty is that, if we think in terms of places, structures or formulas, this is not it. By using the mind we can only mention, vaguely, energies and vibrations. That, under the guidance of a Divine Plan and the momentum of our soul’s freewill decide how to proceed in a reincarnation.

    Often a Catholic prays thus: "I believe in one God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible ..."
    From "The Apostles’ Creed” - Declaration of the Christian faith.

    "Many people go to church and pray The Apostles’ Creed. If you meet them outside, when you ask them if they believe in the invisible world, they answer: of course not ..."
    The Archangel Michael, November 2005.

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