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The Method

Spirit Action is a procedure that leads directly to the invisible world by the use of a fully unconscious "human vessel" container. The Method allows the introduction of a series of entities (one at the time) into the unconscious container that, this way, acquires the “personality” and knowledge of the temporary occupant of the body. Since these entities are “energy structures” equipped with awareness, they:

  • Can be removed and “eliminated” if detrimental to the well being of a person or a structure,
  • Can be engaged in a useful conversation for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.

Example of the first type is a “negative” spirit; examples of the second are nature spirits or archetypes. At the end of the procedure the channel has no memory of what happened during the session. The essence of the Method is permitting energy trasfer to take place from people, structures or territories into a living container. This transferral allows energy procedures such as: 

  • The elimination of any energy interference present in people, structures and territories,
  • The direct contact of spirits connected to human activities (spirits of shiatsu / of reflexology / of feng shui),
  • The direct contact to archetypes and to personal Angel Guides,

Metodo01Left: possible energy interference in the body, the organs and the mind
caused by the presence of negative energies.
Right: ideal situation after treatment of Spirit Action.

Spirit Action is recommended in:

The removal of energy interferences picked up by creative people or by public figures. These individuals can easily "resonate" with the thought-forms of other people; for example, an actor is prone to accumulate negative energies from the characters he/she is playing and from the public at large.  

  • Energy reclamation of homes, schools, offices and activities.
  • Energy interferences in personal relationships.
  • Pregnancies: to screen the coming Being from unwanted energies.
  • Post hospital admissions: to remove unwanted energies picked up in those structures.
  • Energetic cleaning of territories.
  • Helping souls not yet at peace with their condition.

Safe Channeling

The method can channel, in a safe manner, many type of invisible beings. They can be small, irritating spirits that attach themselves to a person, a house or a human activity; souls who inhabit certain man-made structures such as old houses or castles, or personal Angel Guides.

On average, the Spirit Action sessions last an hour. Only in special cases a follow up is required. The person is not physically touched: rather, the procedure operates on the energy transferred from the person to the medium. This is an additional advantage of Spirit Action, especially when the individual is not in optimal health.

While "negative" spirits (energies) removed from people or places are "recycled" (ie, they cease to exist as an entity, so they cannot return or migrate to other people), it must be clear that the energy of which they were made cannot be eliminated. By the law of conservation of energy, it can only be re-circulated - harmlessly - to the universe.

As an example, if an iron dagger is disintegrated into its constituent parts, it will no longer be able to hurt; but its components (the atoms) will still be present in other forms, such as in a flower, in an animal, etc.

As for souls and ghosts, the procedure will transferred them permanently to the their appropriate vibration, from which they will continue their natural evolution.

Results and Benefits

Spirit Action allows the removal of any negative energy alien to the individual. The elimination restores the person's natural energy links, thus allowing her/him to live more easily with the large and small life events. 

In addition to the physical and psychological benefits that the new energy condition brings, the method has further, more important advantages. It gives:

  • Certainty of the existence and closeness of the invisible world,
  • Higher affinity and understanding towards the positive forces of nature,
  • A greater desire to cultivate our own spirituality.

Evolutionary Benefits 

Other advantages that can be obtained through the method is the acquiring of:

  • Her/his life Mission
  • The knowledge of the personal Cosmic Spirits. This helps in the realization of concrete life projects.
  • The name and the personal contact to the Angel Guide, the entity that helps each human being in the spiritual path.

This knowledge is useful to speed up any person's evolutionary road.