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There is often nothing about how autistic people look, that sets them apart from other people. But they may communicate, interact and learn in ways that are different from most other human beings.

I should know, since I was one of them. Yes, the fact that I dwelled in my mother’s womb for well over ten months should have alerted my parents; as the episodes in which my father, frustrated by my tardiness in learning, wondered aloud whether I was slightly retarded. But in those years, nobody talked about autistic or “special” children; we were, simply, “slow” kids to be treated, often, with frustration.

Through the years I overcame this “strange” state, becoming a successful writer, engineer and shaman. Now, more than one in ten children in the world is recognized as having this condition. Yet, in spite of all the psychological and clinical research done, the roots of autism remain mysterious, confining its cures to a few, often ineffective pills.

That because - as usual - human “problems” are researched exclusively through a physical point of view.  Indeed, autism researchers look for its reasons in faulty molecules and genes, while the real source is of an energetic nature. It would be as if we had electromagnetic problems in some devices and expect results from teams of even-excellent-plumbers!

It is becoming obvious that “autism” is an intellectual attempt to explain the emerging of new qualities in the human race.  Subtle-energy research is the way, since autism is simply the manifestation of natural spirituality in children. Its recognition and development would be the best gift we could give to our children. 
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Real spirituality is adaptation to daily events.