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The Pyramid of Light



The Function
The function of any energy structure is to amplify cosmic energies, mixing them with terrestrial ones. These energies can then be used according to the individual's present awareness.

The Pyramid of Light is an archetypal structure erected in Europe (near Padua, Italy) in 2010.
Build according to modern energy principles, it is the most powerful structure on Earth, channeling and amplifying cosmic energies for practical, human uses. The purpose of its construction has been to set up an energy matrix (a Mother). This matrix is now energetically independent from the physical structure built.

By its nature, this energy structure can connect, through resonance, to other objects similarly charged (like other stone Pyramids of any size). The twin principles of resonance and non-locality are, thus, the subtle-energy basis on which the Spirit Action's “Energy Protection” is founded (see The Energy Net).      

Ancient Energy Structures
Many ancient-world cultures have built energy structures, trying to merge celestial energies to terrestrial ones. Some of these are known as Dolmens (Stonehenge), Nuraghi (in Sardinia), or Mayan pyramids. 
Then, it was known that all forms of stone acts as antennas focusing celestial energies to the ground (as energy conveyors, the Sardinian nuraghi were superior to ancient pyramids). 
In the past, the pyramidal shape has been chosen for ease of construction and for the ability to better withstand the assaults of time. 

Piramide06Nuraghe of Santu Antine 

The Strength of an Energy Structure
The strength of a structure is not so much in its size and shape, as in the harmony and connections humans were able to establish between man, nature and the cosmos.

This cosmic vibration is the source from which the Pyramid of Light channels his considerable energy power, even higher than the more massive Pyramid of Giza had at the height of its activity. An energy structure can show that mind and matter are inseparable parts of the reality in which we live and act.
The Pyramid of Light can be thought of as a Dimensional Portal that provides access to high vibrational levels, as Ascension / Merkaba and Shambala.
It has the ability to accelerate the growth of awareness of the person who is exposed to it, giving a greater understanding and focus of the reasons, usefulness and resolutions of possible obstacles in life.

Location of the Pyramid of Light (in red), and the location of the five major energy centers of the Italian peninsula (in blue).

In a state beneficial to the entire Planet, every nation and territory should create a Pyramid of Light.
(Archangel Michael)