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Animal Communication

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It could be said that humans differ from animals (and plants) because mankind is able to "detach" itself mentally from its environment; while animals are always, totally, immersed in it. This different "mind" creates challenges in inter-kingdom communication. Obviously, the communication with animals cannot be of the same thought-form level or quality; we could describe this difference by stating that our “mental vibrations” are noticeably different.

But, since everything is consciousness in the Universe,  through Spirit Action is possible to get in touch to Spirit Interpreters: intelligent beings that operate as mental-vibration intermediaries. Through them we can communicate directly with single animals or with their archetypes.
It is easy to understand the benefits of such direct communication. 

By using the Morphic Field Principle, we could deal with archetypes of pests and critters, of ants and bees. And, more simply and enjoyably, we could interact directly with our domestic animals. Indeed, dog, cat, or horse owners, through the Spirit Action method,  are already able to communicate directly with their pets, directly understanding their food preferences, physical condition and emotional needs.

Commercial Applications. Moreover, in horse or dog racing, human interaction with these animals is even more important, since the owners are able to understand better the animals' bodily and emotional needs - and sympathies or dislikes towards particular trainers; this thoughtful attention could transform an good animal into a champion.
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