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Rinaldo Lampis

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Rinaldo Lampis is a long time invisible-world navigator. That quality allows him to get extensive, practical advice from knowledgeable entities on how to live with gusto the human adventure.
His aim is to spread to the Planet the importance and benefits of communicating with the subtle world and to carry out his mission of energy advisor, healer and shaman. 


September 21 2014
Removal of souls from the military cemetery of Redipuglia (Italy)
Removal from the Earth vibration of 100,000 souls (soldiers) from World War I.

August 2014
Successful Blocking of Paranormal Phenomena in Canneto (Sicily).
Modification of “Morphic Fields” (in Canneto) for the entire month of August. Hundreds of volunteers from around the world participated in the experiment. The outcome should be considered a success, since no paranormal events (in an otherwise very-active, unusual area) took place in that period. 

April 2014
How to influence (for practical uses) the subtle energies of our life
Use of Remote Resonance. This is a Platform to reach a desired outcome in personal encounters and business meetings. Modifications of personal and group energies by the use of Morphic Fields (see the April 7, 2014 blog). 

January 2014
Ghost Challenge
Experiment to demonstrate that souls (ghosts) can be permanently removed from the Earth vibration by using non-local principles. Project aimed to researchers and “ghost hunting” groups. 

May 2010
The Pyramid of Light
The best structure to channel cosmic energies. Built in 2010 near Venice, Italy, the Pyramid can be
thought of as a Portal, an evolutionary accelerator that allows dedicated spiritual researchers to have awareness amplification, with experiences of Ascensions, Merkaba and Shamballa. The Pyramid of Light is an archetype; the first terrestrial structure built according to energy laws. This has resulted in a Pyramid that naturally channels elevated levels of cosmic vibration to Earth; even superior in strength to the much bigger Pyramid of Giza. 

September – November 2009
Removal of souls from the city of Rome
Over 100 residents collaborated (with their awareness) to the removal of over 21 million city souls
from the earth vibration. Among them, many ancient Romans and invading “barbarians”. 

May 2008
Removal of souls from the city of Florence
In a period of 2 weeks, about 2 million souls were removed from the city’s vibration. 

May 2005
The Maha Project. A demonstration that the world is mental.
For the entire month of May 2005, several hundred people from different countries have directed
thoughts of harmony and of social peace to the inhabitants of the Tuscan Province of Massa Carrara, Italy. In this case a physical phenomenon (people’s behavior) was modified both locally and at a distance (through non-locality). The proofs of the modification of these subtle realities can be obtained comparing the “before” and “after” social statistics for the months surrounding the experiment in:
1)         Number of homicides and attempted homicides,
2)         Incidence of suicides,
3)         Number of couple separations,
4)         Admittances to psychiatric institutions,
5)         Number of work-related accidents,
6)         Number of road-related accidents.
During the evolution of the project, in May 2005, we could observe local behaviors confirming the
positive impact of our work. The scientific validation hasn’t been done yet, because of the resistance put up by the offices holding the official data needed. 

July 1998
The Monohybrid Engine
Construction of an electro-mechanical motor/generator with only one moving part.
US Patented.



Link to for the book:
Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World
With the Works of the Filipino Healers Roger Dumo and Alex Orbito,
of the clairvoyant Bernadeth, and accounts of the radical Spirit Action method.

Link to for the book:
ENERGY VISION, The Conscious Use of Energy

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These studies are more formal explanations of the concept that "Reality is All Conscious Energy Manifesting at Different Vibrations":
1) The Theory of Reality.
How to establish basic principles that explain physical, mental and paraphysical phenomena.
2) Quantum Mechanics, Non-locality and the Structure of the Invisible World.
The Physics of Mind as the Basis of Reality.

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