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The Team

Welcome to Spirit Action, the first website jointly operated by both humans and by Entities of the invisible world. Its Mission is to make people aware of how Reality works.
The following pages want to show that subtle energies - vibrations guided by the individual's mind – are the seeds and source at the origin of all concrete, personal lives.
Enjoy the Navigation,
The Visible and Subtle Team 

                            Rinaldo Lampis                     Bernadeth


Engineer and researcher, energy instructor and writer of several books on energy, Rinaldo Lampis is a Canadian living in Italy who has been trained at the Alice Bailey and Jann Timmreck Schools.
His life mission is to contribute to the understanding that the Planet - and Reality itself - is composed of inseparable and complementary visible and invisible parts. With the medium Bernadeth and other channels he is a Navigator in the Spirit Action Method.

He has written the books “Energy Vision”, “Pleasant Voyage to the Invisible World”, “Walking with Wings”, “Man of Light, the Work of the Healer Alex Orbito” and “The Next Vibrational Jump”.

Rinaldo has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada.
He has contributed to the construction of energy structures like the Pyramid of Light in Italy.


How do we live on a daily basis with the third eye open, in constant contact with the invisible world? Since she was three years old, Bernadeth has been a full channel (see Mediums and Navigators).

She was trained by the Filipino spiritual healer Roger Dumo - the originator of the Spirit Action Method - who helped ​​her to accept the different sensors Mother Nature blessed her with.

She is happy of her life mission as a channel – a go between the two different vibrations - allowing humanity not only to get useful, practical information from the invisible world, but also to modify and remove unwanted energies from people and territories.

Bernadeth is convinced that in the near future many other people will consciously experience the same multi-frequencial world she is living in, having learned the necessary energy defences to interact, in total safety, with the invisible manifestations of Complete Reality.

She says about the total aliveness of Nature:
"Only when humans will free themselves from materialistic constrains - that theorize that our mind (and therefore our consciousness) needs a physical brain in order to exist - they will start to see how much awareness is present around us."