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The Energy Net


The Spirit Action Institute
The Most Advanced Method for the Removal of Negative-Energy Seeds 
and for Energy Protection.

The Institute supports subtle-energy awareness, safeguarding you, society and the Planet from hostile, invisible forces.   



Objective: To create a planetary-wide, energy shield network
In these unusual times, be part of the energy shield that helps you and the Planet to live in a better (and energetically safer) environment.

How to Join. The money energy-exchange required to join is priceless.
A symbolic quantification is your contribution of 100 units or its multiples to the Institute's evolution.

What does it mean?
You are welcome to join by donating in 100-unit multiples (in dollar, pound, or euro).
Essentially, the customary donation to join is 100 ($, or £, or €). Higher, voluntary donations are multiples of that charge, only decided by the contributor’s perceived protection value.

How does the contributor get the Energy Protection?
The participant will receive a charged Pyramid (made of crystals like rose quartz, labradorite, aventurine or lapis lazuli, according to the person's energetic resonance), sized approximately 40 x 40 x 28 millimetres.
The specifically charged crystal-Pyramid will connect the owner (non-locally) to the functions of the Pyramid of Light (the Mother). This is the universal energy-source-connector accessible to the Institute.
That is, the charged Pyramid possessed by the participant:

  1. Will shield and support all her/his personal activities,
  2. Will contribute substantially (again, non-locally) to the general (group) planetary awareness. 

The energy network activated by the Pyramid provides a constant "umbrella" under which the person's daily activities are energetically shielded. The protection works also as a physical energy stabilizer, screening from unwanted, unknown energy threats present in the area where the individual operates.

The device practical usefulness.
When pyramidal devices are present in houses, workplaces, automobiles, planes or machinery, they protect and optimize those structure’s energy functions.
The device presence also enhances energy awareness in people nearby. Therefore, by joining the Spirit Action Institute, not only we contribute to our, personal, energy improvement and protection; we also expand these constructive energies to adjacent areas. 

Energy-Exchanges. Subscriptions are renewed annually. To join the Spirit Action Institute, or for further information, contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The money energy-exchange (as explained above) can be handled by using any PayPal account. For more information about a free account, visit PayPal.
For further information, see the Pyramid of Light functions or contact the Lampis Research Institute: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Everybody with the understanding of reality must be energy connected”.