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Complete Reality

Link to for Rinaldo Lampis' books (also available at

The Principles of Nature by Andrew Jackson Davis, R. Lampis Editor

ENERGY VISION, The Conscious Use of Energy
A Practical Guide to the Use of Our Energies and Those of the Planet. 

Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World
With the Works of the Filipino Healers Roger Dumo and Alex Orbito,
of the clairvoyant Bernadeth, and accounts of the radical Spirit Action method.

Connecting to the Source of Consciousness 

The aim of this site is to help the visitor to recover natural connections useful in remaining aware and centered during the crucial, next few years in which "The Changes" will keep on manifesting.

It is not the first time that these events happen to the planet; because it is not the first time that humans have been messing up with natural rules, subverting laws of nature, of matter, of the human body.

When insects are present in a plant, a vigorous shaking will be useful to it. This is the meaning of the changes taking place on the planet. The outcome will be a cleaner, fresher environment, both in the physical and in the mental vibration; a place more in tune with the forming forces ruling the universe.

                        Invisible Nature - Spirits - Archetypes - Angels - Extraterrestrials
Science and religion do not like to admit it, but it is clear that the Reality in which we are immersed consists both of a physical aspect - visible and known to all - and of an invisible aspect, unknown to most. This subtle world surrounds us since our birth, intimately interacting with us on many levels ...

Whether we like it or not, the invisible aspect of Reality is the seed and the source from which the physical world, real and concrete, both positive and negative, is generated. It's true that in it there are negative spirits, but it is also the vibration of Guides, Angels, Archetypes, countless spirits of nature, Cosmic Spirits, etc.

This site, due to the contact method and navigation used - the information received doesn't use human interpretation - is undoubtedly the most complete and reliable source available on the inhabitants and mechanisms existing in the invisible world.
It is our objective to educate humans to this Reality, in order to help them to live with greater gusto and awareness their human adventure.
Happy navigation...